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Renal inflammation is a pivotal pathological condition observed in a wide spectrum of both acute and chronic kidney diseases. 

The sustained hyperglycemia associated with diabetes is intricately linked to the development of a chronic inflammation, making it a key contributor to diabetic nephropathy, a severe and prevalent complication. At NEPHRIX Biosolutions, we provide our in vitro Glucose-induced Inflammation Assay, a in vitro tool to evaluate the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines from human renal cells. 

In addition to the secretion analyses, this assay offers the possibility to go deeper in the mechanisms underlying renal inflammation, by the mutli-parameters annalysis of the treated cells. 


Human primary epithelial or endothelial cells from different donors

Available cells: Human donors, dogs

ELISA or Multiplex dosage of secreted cytokines by by ELLA-multiplex

Possibility of multi-parameters analysis
(microscopy, gene expression, ROS species…)

Study design

Cells amplification
Cells seeding in 24-well plates
High glucose induction +/- test items
Media collection and cells fixation
IF staining and dosages

Assay readouts

Primary RPTEC cells response to 5 days in high glucose medium:

Kidney Preclinical research