Our Purposes

NEPHRIX Biosolutions is a highly specialized Nephrology CRO (contract research organization) committed to conducting preclinical research in the field of renal diseases.

10% of the population is affected by CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), which is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity around the world.

Patients with renal disease often face delayed diagnosis and a scarcity of medications addressing the underlying causes of the condition, with current treatments primarily addressing symptoms alone. 

Despite substantial investments and efforts in developing new therapies, pharmaceutical companies encounter a significant rate of failures in clinical trials, largely attributed to ineffective preclinical evaluations. Nephrix Biosolutions aims to streamline the preclinical phase of drug development by offering advanced in vitro and in vivo models that accurately forecast clinical outcomes.


In Vitro tools issues:

  • Low physiological relevance (2D cell cultures)
  • Lack of reproducibility (organoides, organ-on-chip)

In Vivo tools issues:

  • Absence of early disease stage prediction (only late biomarkers available)

Current issues in renal drug development process

Kidney Preclinical research

Our mission is to bring our technical and scientifiic expertise for the success of your project