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NEPHRIX Biosolutions  is a preclinical CRO (Contract Research Organization) specialized in preclinical drug evaluation using in vitro or in vivo experimental models. 

Our CRO is dedicated to preclinical research services with a core expertise and focus on kidney disease models.

We offer a wide range of  preclinical experimental models of renal disease to assess novel therapeutic strategies on chronic kidney disease (CKD), diabetic kidney disease (DKD) and acute kidney injury (AKI).

We also provide customized services in a high quality-based environment and work closely with our customers to a achieve long-term relationship.

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    Discover our popular preclinical in vitro models

    Discover our popular preclinical in vivo models

    Unilateral Ureteral Obstruction

    • Surgical intervention
    • Rapid CKD features
    • Short duration (14 days)
    • Suitable for in vivo drug screening

    Ischemia Reperfusion Injury model

    • Surgical intervention
    • Young or aged mice
    • Renal fibrosis and nephron loss
    • Uni- or Bilateral ischemia

    Diabetic Nephropathy STZ model

    • Pharmacological intervention
    • Diabetic rats or mice
    • Renal fibrosis and glomerular hypertrophy

    Spontaneous Hypertensive Rat model

    • Genetic model
    • Spontaneous hypertension
    • Suitable for hypertensive drug research


    • Intra-ureteral E.Coli infusion
    • Upper urinary tract infection
    • Renal inflammation
    • Clinically relevant

    Ischemia Reperfusion + Uninephrectomy

    • Surgical intervention
    • Tubular alterations
    • Renal inflammation
    • Early stages AKI assessment

    Cisplatin nephrotoxicity

    • Pharmacological intervention
    • Tubular and glomerular alterations
    • Renal inflammation
    • Single or multiple dosing